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Update to the latest version of Photoroom
Update to the latest version of Photoroom

How to update the Photoroom app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

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To update to the latest version of Photoroom on a mobile device:

  1. On your mobile device, open the appropriate store:

    1. Apple App Store on iPhone or iPad

    2. Google Play Store on Android

  2. In the store, enter photoroom in the search bar.

  3. Find the result for Photoroom and select Update.
    Your device will download and install the latest version of Photoroom.

    Phone shows Google Play Store. A user has searched for the Photoroom app and it is shown in the results. A callout arrow points to the Update button for the app.

    (Image shows Photoroom app in Google Play Store on Android)

    If you do not see Update, it likely means that you already have the latest version installed.

Note: Due to the way we progressively update our app, Photoroom may not appear in the Updates list in your Google or Apple account.

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