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Photoroom Cutout options
Photoroom Cutout options

Learn about the basic cutout, assisted cutout, manual cutout, and HD cuts options

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Photoroom's cutout options make it easy to remove the background from your images. There are several cutout options available, and they offer different levels of control:

  • Basic Cutout

  • Assisted Cutout

  • HD Cuts

  • Manual Cutout

Note: If you sell clothing, use the Assisted and Manual Cutout features together to achieve the ghost mannequin photography effect. (English) ​

Basic Cutout

The "basic cutout" happens automatically when you import an image into Photoroom. It removes the background and is designed to identify people and products automatically.

(Video shows Photoroom on Android)

You can also apply the Basic Cutout to an image by using the Remove Background tool on the Create page.

Note: We often update and improve the Basic Cutout algorithm.

Assisted Cutout

With Assisted Cutout, you control which parts of an image are included in your design. Photoroom assists with the boundary detection, making it easier for you to remove and restore objects, people, and parts of the background.

HD Cuts

HD Cuts are advanced cutout options that are available on the Pro plan. They are even better at detecting the boundaries of objects and people in photos. Try them if the default cutout did not produce the result you want.

To use the HD cuts:

  1. Edit a design.

    You can either import a new image from the Create page or select one of the images from Your Content.

  2. Select a foreground layer, for example, Product.

  3. Scroll down and select Cutout.

    Photoroom editing an image. A foreground product is selected and its settings are expanded. The settings have a cutout section that contains the HD cut options.
  4. Select one of the HD cuts.

The HD cuts are:

  • Person HD
    Designed for cutting around people in a photo. It's great for hair!

  • Object HD
    Designed for cutting out foreground objects with more accuracy around the edges.

  • Standard HD
    Is great at defining the edges and worth trying if the other HD options are unsuitable.

  • Graphics HD
    Advanced cutting out of graphical elements. Very useful for images containing illustrations, logos, etc.

Note: Photoroom applies the Person HD cutout automatically if it detects people in a photo. It applies the Object HD cutout automatically if it detects objects such as products.

Manual Cutout

Lets you manually remove and restore parts of your image, without AI assistance for detecting the object boundaries.

Typically, you would only use Manual Cutout if you need extra precision for a technique like ghost mannequin photography (English) or if Assisted Cutout is unavailable for some reason.

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