How to create a white background on your photo in 3 seconds
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In Photoroom, you can add a white background to the subject of your photo in a few taps.
1 - Tap "Start with Photo"
2 - Import the photo of the product or person you want to put on a white background.
3 - Tap the white background template in "Classics" to edit, or select one of the templates in the "Shop" list for a more elevated white.

That's the basics, but there are few ways to further optimize the white background in your photo.

Tip 1: Use a textured background

Use a texture background so that it's not 100% white but has some texture in it. It will make your photo look better. For this, do the following:
1 - Tap the Background or the background icon 🏞
2 - Tap Replace
3 - Tap Stock
4 - Tap the White category and select a white background of your choice.

Tip 2: Use a shadow

To make the picture look more natural, you can add a shadow to your product or portrait. To add a shadow, you can do the following.
1 - Tap the object
2 - Tap Shadow
3 - Tap 2D-shadow
4 - You can adjust the position, intensity and radius of the shadow with the other buttons.

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