3.1.7 (upcoming)


👻New smokey animations effect

🆕 Start multiple image selection directly from the image picker

✒️ New default font and color for texts

📼 Create a video from a batch of objects

📹 Automatically see touch event when you create a screencast


💪 Edit with a colleague or friend. Just send an edit link of your design

🌍 Import backgrounds from the magnificent collections of unsplash.com

🎈 New objects collections: Wooden Letters, Golden Letters, Balloon Letters

📐 Rotate an object super precisely with a slider.


📏 Resize any creation to fit the right platform: Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Ebay, Poshmark


☁️ Save all your PhotoRoom creations to the cloud with your email or Facebook and access them from any device.

🇷🇴 Five new languages supported: Romanian, Greek, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Farsi


👻 Control the opacity of objects


💯 Batch mode! After saving an image, use the batch mode to apply these templates to a series of pictures.

👻 Hide icons on the edit view to edit image underneath.


📺New animations
🥵Image Temperature adjustment
🏙Harmonize an object with its background
🇸🇪New languages Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Fin, Dutch and Portugal


🔍Increase the resolution [PHOTOROOM PRO]
❸ 2 new HD cut out options to choose from. You now have Standard, People and Object [PHOTOROOM PRO]


📱PhotoRoom is optimized for iPad
🎨Chose a colorful gradient for your background. Tap Background/Replace/Color


✒️You can add text to your PhotoRoom photos.
✨It's much easier to add overlays over your photos. Overlay are natural light effects likes global shadows, global light effects.


📺Create crazy Glitch animations from your portraits and products.
🎉New Carnival templates


😅Adjust controls were not working anymore. It's fixed


📹Create awesome looping video from your photos to stand out on Instagram and other social networks. Tap on your product, then animation
✏️We have improve the outline feature, it's much smoother 🧈
💰Offer PhotoRoom credits to your Instagram followers with special promocodes. Send us an email [email protected] if you're interested
🛍The Photo Gallery reopen on the last photo you selected. It makes the creation of photos in batch much simpler
🆕Valentine's day & Magazine templates


💾Last Project Autosave: The last project your have been editing is automatically saved at the top of the templates grid. You don't have to be stressed out about loosing your project if you're out of battery or if the app crashes. Also if you want to use the same template for multiple photos for a shop for instance, it's going to be much more convenient.

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