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How to blur the background of your Photo
How to blur the background of your Photo
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One of the most common pro photography effects is to blur the background using a bokeh effect. It's beautiful, but most importantly, it helps with storytelling by doing the following

  • it focuses on what's important, your subject by creating an uncluttered background

  • it gives a subtle notion of the context, the mood, the place where your subject is situated without creating too much noise

While you would need expensive gear to create a blurred background with traditional photography. PhotoRoom makes it easy. You just need to do the following

  • Start with an image

  • Select the template with a blurred background in classics

Alternatively, when editing, you can always do the following

  • Tap background

  • Tap blur

  • Select one of the blur effects and adjust its amplitude

Here is a video that demos the previous steps.

Going further, a few things that can work really well combined with a blurred background:

  • Create a light blurred white outline

  • Lower the brightness of the blurred background

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