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How to take great photos for Depop
How to take great photos for Depop

Using PhotoRoom for depop and have the right image size

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Images are 80% of the sale, so using a good photography app is an essential part of selling fast and well on Depop.

The ideal dimension for Depop is a square ratio, 1:1, with a dimension of 1280 pixels by 1280 pixels. You can find this canvas size directly in the Photoroom app.

Take 4 Photos

  • Depop offers the possibility to upload four photos.

  • Try to find a place with good lighting, generally close to a window will help.

  • Take four photos of your item. One from the front, side, above, and close-up is great for a handbag.

Edit in Photoroom

  • Open Photoroom

  • Tap the "+" button to Start with Photo

  • Tap the "Multiple" button on the top left

  • Select the images you just took

  • Select a template for Depop, bright and pop background work great. A small white outline is also great on Depop.

  • Photoroom will automatically remove the background.

  • Edit the images if necessary and validate on the top right

Upload to Depop

  • Upload to your favorite marketplace

Here is a video to show everything

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