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How to restore your image's background?
How to restore your image's background?
Import your own background and edit it with the app
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You might want to use your own image as background in PhotoRoom and add an object to it and edit the whole image.

Here is a trick to help you out:

From the home page:

  • Tap on "+" to import your background

  • A part of the image will disappear, it is normal

  • Tap on the white background option

  • Then, tap on "Object"/"Product/"Person"

  • Scroll down in the edit menu

  • Tap on "Cutout options"

  • Select the "Original" option

  • Your original background should be restored

  • Now, tap on "+Image" or "+Text" to add the images or texts you want to it

Another option would be to:

  • Select the white background

  • Tap on "Background"

  • Tap on "Replace"

  • Tap on "Photos"

  • Select the exact same image you have initially imported

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