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Add parts of a design to your favorites
Add parts of a design to your favorites

Learn how to set an image as a favorite so that you can reuse it in other designs.

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You can add each part of an image to your Favorite Assets & Brand Kit. You can then reuse your favorite images, graphics and text on different designs. For example, you could set up a "special offer" graphic as a favorite and then add it to several of your product images.

Note: The Favorite Assets & Brand Kit feature is only available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

The steps for adding parts of an image to your favorites are similar on iOS and Android.

(Video shows Photoroom on Android)

  1. Select Your Content and then select the design you want to edit.

    Alternatively, import a new image. On the Create page, select Start from Photo, choose an image to import and then choose a template for its background.

  2. Select an object (product, text, etc.) and use gestures to set its size and position.

    Photoroom will use the same size and position when you add the object to other designs.

  3. Select the star icon next to the object's name to add it to your favorites.

  4. Select Done.

  5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 for any other parts of the image that you want to store as a favorite.

To check that your object(s) appear in your favorites:

  1. Go back to the Create page.

  2. Select Your Content.

  3. Select Favorite Assets & Brand Kit.

  4. Select Scans (images), Text, or Backgrounds.

To learn how to use your favorite assets, see Add a favorite image to a design.

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