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How to use natural lighting to improve your photos
How to use natural lighting to improve your photos

Use the natural light to take better pictures

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Lighting is a key element to ensure your photos give off a warm and familiar aesthetic. Natural light, specially, can help make your products look more realistic. Here are some tips that you can use to leverage natural light indoors:

1. Windows

When indoors, the natural light source will likely be from a window. This means the light will be soft and coming from one side. If possible, stand parallel to a window.

2. Turn off the lights

Natural light doesn’t like competition. Specifically, natural light doesn’t like electric lights. Make sure your only light source is coming from your window.

3. Beware of shadows

Mornings and evenings offer the softest light as the lower sun casts softer shadows. For optimal results, plan your photoshoot according to it.

Much like the Photoroom app, natural lighting doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment or extensive photography training. Capturing great photos has never been easier!

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