Upgrading from Pro to Business Tier

Upgrading from a lower to higher service level stops the current subscription immediately and refunds the remainder of the period, simultaneously initiating a subscription for the new plan.

🍎 Upgrading service levels occurs immediately.

When you switch to a higher level subscription., you get a refund for the prorated payment from the lower level subscription to the original payment method. You’ll be charged for the higher level subscription, which goes into effect immediately. The date of upgrade is the renewal date for the higher level subscription.

Downgrading from Business Tier to Pro

Downgrading behaves differently. When you downgrade service levels, the subscription you currently have always continues until the original expiration date. After that, the new product begins its period.

🍏 Downgrading doesn’t occur until the end of the current subscription period.

When you switch to a lower level subscription, you’ll be charged for the lower level subscription on your next renewal date.

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