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How to use AI Backgrounds (ex- Instant Backgrounds)?
How to use AI Backgrounds (ex- Instant Backgrounds)?

Where to find the AI backgrounds feature and how to start using it

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🌟 What is AI Backgrounds?

Getting the ideal template for your products can be a hard job.

Let's make it easier and quicker thanks to the AI Backgrounds that help you to create the images you're looking for!

💵 How much is it?

AI Backgrounds is a part of the Pro (and Business Tier) features.

🔍 Where can I find this feature?

You can access it from mobile and the web!

😃 How can I start creating images?

1️⃣ Import your image with the product you want to showcase

2️⃣ The original background will be taken off within a few seconds

3️⃣ Tap on "AI Backgrounds" at the top on mobile or on the left on the web

4️⃣ Select the generated template of your choice

🎬 Watch our demo

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