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Introduction to AI Backgrounds
Introduction to AI Backgrounds

Where to find the AI backgrounds feature and how to start using it

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🌟 What is AI Backgrounds?

AI Backgrounds uses artificial intelligence to create any background image you want. You describe the background using "prompts" and the AI generates several background images based on your description.

With AI Backgrounds, you can create the images you need easily and quickly.

Note: AI Backgrounds replaces the "Instant Backgrounds" feature from earlier versions of Photoroom.

💵 How much is it?

AI Backgrounds is a part of the Pro (and Business Tier) features.

🔍 Where can I find this feature?

You can use AI Backgrounds on:

  • iPhone and iPad Photoroom app

  • Android Photoroom app

  • Web App (desktop) - Photoroom in your browser.

😃 How can I start creating AI Backgrounds?

Here's a quick overview of how to create an AI Background:

  1. Select AI Backgrounds.

  2. Import your image of the product you want to showcase.

  3. Photoroom automatically removes the original background.

  4. Either:

    • Select a suggested AI Background

    • Select Create a background to make one of your own.

  5. If you are making your own AI Background, enter a description (prompt) and the AI will generate 2 images. You can use either of those or Generate 4 more.

For detailed instructions, see see Create your own AI Backgrounds and Add an AI Background.

🎬 Demo of AI Backgrounds

This video shows AI Backgrounds on iPhone:

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