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Who qualifies for the API Partner Plan?
Who qualifies for the API Partner Plan?
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You qualify to PhotoRoom Partner Plan if the following criteria are all covered:

  1. the minimum fee is $1000/month (100,000 images), it doesn’t cumulate with other discounts.

  2. your app is a user-facing app. The app shows PhotoRoom logo for every single background removal and tapping the logos links to PhotoRoom app or Failure to apply leads to the immediate removal of the API access.

  3. your app doesn’t compete with the PhotoRoom mobile or web app.

  4. your website has a link saying backgrounds removed with photoroom on its home page or explaining the new feature in a blog post.

You do not qualify to PhotoRoom Partner Plan if:

  • One of the above criteria is missing

  • You provide a similar or competing service with PhotoRoom app

If you do not qualify for the Partner Plan, you can still subscribe to our Standard Plan

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