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Below are a few examples of a well-done partnership on an upload image interface. Typically users benefiting from the background removal must see PhotoRoom logo and be able to click on it.

From a technical standpoint:

  1. Where should you put the logo in your app? The best place to show PhotoRoom logo is on your upload-images UI if you have one. This way creators and resellers can learn about PhotoRoom. If you don't have such a UI, you can display the attribution logo next to the images you're showing on your application.

  2. Which logo should you use? The PhotoRoom logo to add is the following one:

    We offer several versions of the logo (.svg for Android & Web, .pdf for iOS and .png), a version with no tagline so you can localize "Background Removed by" and a dark version. They are available with the below link:

    You can add a thin layer with white background and transparency behind our logo, so it works well on all images.

  3. Which link should you set?

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