To unlock the $0.01/credit pricing:

  1. Make sure that you qualify for PhotoRoom Partner Plan.

  2. Start a Free Plan, get an API key, and build your implementation. Here are some guidelines to help you. Here are some examples of what the result should look like.

  3. Once you started using our API, send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

    1. Name of your company?

    2. Where to use the app of your company?

    3. Which service do you provide to your customer?

    4. What do you use PhotoRoom API for within your app?

    5. How many images per month will you process through PhotoRoom API?

    6. Which email did you use to subscribe to PhotoRoom?

    7. Mail a video of the PhotoRoom logo being displayed and linking to the PhotoRoom app or website,

    8. Which steps should PhotoRoom follow to validate the implementation of the logo?

      Important: To verify and maintain the $0.01/credit pricing, PhotoRoom must be able to verify that the logo is displayed and clickable at any point in time. Please share with us the instructions to do this.

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