PhotoRoom API is used by PhotoRoom iOS, Android and Web apps. Timeouts are unlikely to happen or would impact our own products in a critical way.

If PhotoRoom API has stopped working on your side, please check the following points:

  1. Do you still have credits? Visit your dashboard and check your remaining credits, buy more credits if needed.

  2. Is the API returning an error or an erroneous image? Report your technical bug or issue like using this procedure.

  3. Did you proceed to the December 2022 migration?
    In December 2022, PhotoRoom API billing system and pricing evolved. To be able to invest more in the API, PhotoRoom is automating its billing and getting away from the previous attribution plan by replacing it with a self-serve subscription.
    If you missed the migration email and reminders, you can migrate now through the following steps:

    1. Visit

    2. Select your preferred subscription plan

    3. Create a PhotoRoom account

    4. Switch to your new API key

    5. Get back anytime to your API dashboard to track your usage, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan

    Please note that the new self-serve subscription doesn't require a PhotoRoom Pro subscription, you can be an API customer independently of being a Pro member. Feel free to cancel your Pro subscription if you don't have the use of it.

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