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Copy a template on the Web App
Copy a template on the Web App

Tutorial on how to copy a Template from one Team to another Team (Web App)

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On the Web App (desktop) version of Photoroom, you can copy a Template from one Team to another Team.

The instructions are in two parts:

Instructions for Pro user sharing the Template

The first part of the instructions should be performed by a user who has access to the Template that needs to be copied:

  1. Log in to the Web App at

  2. Select the space that contains the Template you want to copy.

  3. Select Templates.

  4. Hover the cursor over the Template you want to copy.

    Template preview. The cursor is over the preview revealing a dotted menu.
  5. Select the dotted menu ( ... ) and then select Copy collaborate link. A link to the Template is copied to your computer's clipboard.

    Template preview with drop-down menu in view. Callout arrows point to the dotted menu icon and the Copy collaborate link option in the menu.
  6. Paste the link into a message or email and send it to a member of the Team that needs the Template.

Instructions for recipient of Template link

The second part of the instructions should be completed by the user who receives the message containing the link:

  1. Select the link in the message to open the page in a browser.

  2. You can now either:

    • Select Edit in Photoroom to make changes to the Template or save a copy of it.

      Screenshot of Template link page. There is a preview of the Template and a box for uploading an image. At the top, a callout arrow points to a black Edit in Photoroom button.
    • Select a picture. Photoroom will apply the Template to the image automatically. You can then select the gray Edit in Photoroom button below the image to edit it. Or if you are happy with the image, select Download.

      A preview of the uploaded image with the Template applied. Callout arrows point to the Download and gray Edit in Photoroom buttons below the preview. There is also a Clear button.

      If you do not want to edit the Template or image, Download the image and ignore the remaining steps.

  3. Log into Photoroom.

  4. Use the image editing features to make any changes.

  5. [This step is for users on the Pro plan only. Free users continue with step 6].

    1. Select the dotted menu ( ... ) in the top-right corner and then select Turn into Template.

      A close-up of the dotted menu at the top of the Photoroom editor. A menu is revealed and it has a Turn into Template option and a Delete option.
    2. Enter a name and then select Create Template.

      Turn into Template dialog. It prompts the user to enter a Template name. At the bottom is a Cancel button and a Create template button.

      You have now copied a Template from another Team and made the copy available in your Photoroom.

  6. Select Download to download the image in your browser.

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