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Batch edit with AI Backgrounds and AI Shadows on the Web
Batch edit with AI Backgrounds and AI Shadows on the Web

Learn how to add AI backgrounds and AI shadows to multiple images at once

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You can now use Batch mode with AI Backgrounds on the web version of Photoroom to quickly apply a cohesive AI background to multiple images at once. You can also apply batch mode with AI Shadows so you can save time adding realistic shadows to multiple images at once.

Here's how:

  1. Go to the computer (desktop) version of Photoroom:

  2. Log in with your Photoroom account

  3. Click on "Batch" on the left

  4. Upload up to 50 images at once

  5. After all your backgrounds are removed, click "AI Backgrounds" on top to choose the AI backgrounds you want (Eg. mountain, sunset)

  6. If you want to edit an individual photo, just click on it. If you want adjustment to the background, click on AI Backgrounds on the bottom left, choose again the background you want, and click "generate more" until you find the result you want

  7. Once you are happy with all your images you can click "download your images"

Update August 2023: we have improved a few things since the launch of this feature

  1. Faster speed

  2. The "pencil" is also available within AI Backgrounds so you can customize your own background in Batch mode

  3. higher consistency (beta) - if you turn on the "high consistency" button within AI Backgrounds in Batch mode, you will see more similar results. It's not perfect yet but you should see even better results in the future


How is Batch + AI Background (AI generated) different from Batch + templates?

  • The AI backgrounds and shadows intelligently adapt to your product, meaning if you apply a batch to 40 images, each image will have its own individual lighting or scene adaptation that produce highly realistic and professional looking products.

  • The regular templates have a limit of options to choose from

  • (Coming soon) with custom AI background (the pencil) in batch mode, you can create an infinite of possibilities for any background you want

Is this feature available on iPhone or Android?

  • not yet, this is currently only available on the web, but we are gathering user feedback and working on the mobile version. Stay tuned!

  • If you want this to launch faster on the mobile, you can sign up here for a quick call with our team to give us feedback of your experience on the web version:

Does “the pencil” work here too with batch?

  • Yes, we just enabled this function

Do I get the exact same background to all my images in my batch edit when I apply the same AI Background?

  • No, your photos would have very similar look and feel, but AI will adapt to each photo to produce the most realistic look for each photo. Our team is constantly working on improving consistency so this might also improve in the future

Why do I get weird image results such as distortions and inconsistent results?

  • AI generated images are not perfect yet but our team is working on improving the algorithm so you will have more consistency and higher quality in the future. You may have to browse through several options before finding the desired outcome.

How many batch images can I generate?

  • It should be the same as before - 50 images for Pro, and 500 images for Business. This is subject to change.

Does this work for free users? For Business users?

  • This is available for both Pro and Business users and already included in their plans with no additional cost.

  • It is not available for free users

Can I edit each individual image?

  • Yes you can customise each image after applying batch

Do I have to pay extra for this feature?

  • No, this is already included in the Pro and Business plan.

What’s the time required to generate a batch with AI Backgrounds or AI Shadows?

  • It takes the same time as a regular batch. It should be seconds but depends also on how many images you have

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