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How to make your foreground objects smaller or larger when using Instant Backgrounds

Written by Craig Wright
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If you use the Instant Backgrounds feature, you may find that the AI makes your foreground object look smaller or larger than you would like. To solve this, you can describe the size in the Instant Background prompt.

For example, the following video shows how using "miniature" and "giant" in a prompt can help the A.I understand the sizing for a foreground object.

Note: These are not the only terms you can use. Try experimenting with different words!

(Video shows PhotoRoom on iPhone)

The video shows PhotoRoom on iPhone but the same principles apply when using the Android or Web App version.

In the video example, we followed these steps:

  1. Select Create and import an image. We used an image of a garden statue.

  2. Select Instant Backgrounds.

  3. Select the Pencil icon in the top-right corner so that you can create a custom scene.

  4. Select Manual.

  5. Enter the prompt and use descriptive sizing words, such as "miniature" and "large" to explain the sizing of the foreground object.

    In our example, we used two prompts:

    1. "Miniature object on a forest floor"

      This made our foreground object, a garden statue, look very small on a forest floor background.

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    2. "Giant object on a forest floor"

      This made our foreground object look very large on a forest floor.

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  6. To set the size of the finished image, select Change size and choose the size you want.

  7. Choose an Instant Background from the selection made by the AI. Or select Generate 4 more to get the AI to make more backgrounds.

    When you choose an Instant Background, PhotoRoom shows your image and you can edit it.

    If you move the object(s) in your image, select Regenerate background. The AI will then recreate the background based on the new positioning, size, and lighting of the objects in your image.

Tip: Sometimes you can get better results in prompts by replacing "an object" with a description of what the object is, for example, "a chair" or "a bracelet".

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