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Prompts for placing jewellery on human
Prompts for placing jewellery on human

Learn how to use Instant Backgrounds to place your jewellery image on a human model

Written by Craig Wright
Updated over a week ago

If you have images of jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces, you can get the PhotoRoom AI to add them to a human model. This can give your audience a better idea of what the jewellery looks like when worn.

To place jewellery images on a human model:

(Video shows PhotoRoom on Android)

The video shows how to use prompts on Android. The following instructions apply to Android, iPhone, and iPad versions of PhotoRoom. But you can use the same prompt text (see step 11) on the Web App versions too. To learn more about using prompts, see Create your own Instant Backgrounds with custom prompts.

  1. On the Create page, select Start from Photo and then choose the jewellery image to import. In the video, we have imported an image of earrings.

    Alternatively, you could edit a design that you have already created. Select Your Content and then select the design to edit it.

  2. Select Cutout and use the Erase brush to remove any unwanted parts of the image. Select Done when you have finished.

  3. Select a template, for example, the Classic white template.

  4. Select the jewellery object and use a gesture to resize it.

  5. Select the jewellery object and drag it into the position you want it to have on your final image.

  6. Select Done on the jewellery layer.

  7. Select Backgrounds [This step only applies on Android].

  8. Select Instant Backgrounds [This step only applies on iPhone and iPad].

  9. Select the pencil icon to create your own prompt.

  10. Select Manual.

  11. In the prompt field, enter:

    Place earring on human

    Replace 'earring' with the jewellery in your image, for example, "Place necklace on human"

  12. Choose one of the AI-generated Instant Backgrounds or select Generate 4 more to create more options.

  13. Select an Instant Background.

  14. You can edit the image if you wish. But if you change the position, size, or lighting on your jewellery, you will need to regenerate the Instant Background.

  15. Select Export and then use the options to save and share your design.

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