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Use the same AI Instant Background on multiple designs
Use the same AI Instant Background on multiple designs
Written by Craig Wright
Updated this week

With Instant Backgrounds, the AI creates the background based on various factors, including the size and positioning of objects and the lighting. Every AI-generated background is created specifically for each individual design. For this reason, you can't use the same Instant Background on multiple designs. But you can create similar backgrounds that look like part of a themed collection.

To create similar Instant Backgrounds:

  • Use the same text prompt or image prompt for each image

  • Choose a similar-looking suggested Instant Background.

On the Web App version of Photoroom, you can use Instant Backgrounds and Batch Mode together. This lets you set Instant Backgrounds for a collection of images, all at once. For details, see Batch edit with Instant Backgrounds and Instant Shadows.

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