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Team notifications

Learn how to stay up to date with your team on the go with Photoroom.

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If you have Photoroom "push" notifications enabled on your device, you will receive a notification when certain types of event occur. These include new members joining your team and team members commenting on designs.

Two iPhones. On the left iPhone is a notification at its minimal size. It shows the message and a thumbnail of an image. On the right iPhone, the notification is shown at full size, with the message and a larger version of the image.

Notifications are grouped together and sent at different times:


Time sent

Team member joins your team

Sent immediately

Team member added designs

Sent 60 mins after the latest design was added to your team

Team member edited your design

Sent 30 mins after the latest edit was made to your design.

Team member comments on a design in team workspace

Sent immediately

Photoroom will ask you to enable notifications during the onboarding flow and also when you join your team. Alternatively, you can turn them on or off manually.

On iPhone or iPad

To turn Photoroom push notifications on or off on an iPhone or iPad:

From your iPhone/iPad Settings:

  1. Open the Settings.

  2. Select Notifications.

  3. Select Photoroom.

  4. Turn Allow Notifications on or off.

On Android

For Android devices, the instructions vary depending on what device you have. The following video shows an example of the push notifications being turned on.

(Video shows Photoroom on Android - Samsung Galaxy)

The video was recorded on a Samsung Galaxy. If you have a different Android device, the steps may vary. Typically, you can:

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select Notifications.

  3. Select App Notifications.

  4. Select Photoroom.

  5. Turn Notifications on or off.

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