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Learn how to use AI to create a new design from scratch, no photo required!

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If you are on the Pro or Business plan, you can use AI to create an image from scratch. There's no need to use your own photo, just describe the image you want and the AI will create the image for you!

Close-up of AI images on iPhone. There are examples of prompts and AI images, such as

To learn how to use AI images, select the link for your device:

Note: AI Images is currently only available in English on iPhone and iPad versions of Photoroom.

Coming soon: AI Images on Android and Web App and support for other languages.

On iPhone and iPad

To create an AI image on the iPhone or iPad version of Photoroom:

(Video shows Photoroom on iPhone)

  1. On the Create page, select Start from Photo.

    Alternatively, select AI Images (below the search bar). If you select AI images, ignore step 2 and continue from step 3.

  2. Select Generate an image with AI.

  3. Select Square and choose the proportions (aspect ratio) for the new image.

  4. Select Classic and choose the style of image you want the AI to create. There are many styles to choose from, including Photographic, Line art, and 3D.

  5. In the text field, enter a desctiption of the image you want the AI to create, for example, "Blue and yellow ski boot in snow". The description is called a prompt.

  6. Select the purple and white arrow button to create the image. Photoroom AI generates 2 images based on your prompt.

    1. Long press on one of the images to display a menu.

      The menu has various options, including Reuse prompt, Reuse aspect ratio and Reuse style. You can find out how to use these in: Reuse a prompt, Reuse an aspect ratio, Reuse a style.

  7. If you want a wider selection of images to choose from, select Generate more. The AI will then generate 2 additional images, based on the same prompt that was used to create the image on display.

    If you prefer, you can select the prompt field at the bottom and then enter a new prompt. The AI will then generate images based on the new prompt. The new images are shown in addition to the AI images you created previously.

  8. When you see an image you want to use, either:

    1. Select it for a larger view and, if you are happy with the image, select Edit. Alternatively, you can swipe left and right to see the other AI images.

    2. Long-press on the image to display a menu and then select Use image.

      Photoroom automatically removes the background, just like it would if you imported a photo.

  9. Choose a template for the image. To keep the background that the AI generated, select the Original image template.

  10. You can now edit the image in the same way as any other image. For example, you can Insert other images as new layers or add text to the image.

    For information about the editing features, see the Basic editing articles.

  11. When you have finished editing your design, select Export. Use the export options to save your design and share it with others.

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