Create a Pro Team on mobile

Create a Pro Team on mobile to give 2 people Pro features for free.

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Photoroom Pro subscribers can create a Pro team on iOS and Android for up to 3 people for free. One person pays the subscription and 2 additional members of the team can benefit from Pro features. Pro features include removing the watermark, AI backgrounds and AI shadows.

Create a Pro Team

  1. Make sure you have an active Pro subscription

  2. On the Create page, select Your Content.

  3. Tap on Start a Team.

  4. Set your Team Name.

  5. Invite up to two additional people to your team to get Pro features using

    1. Using their email address, or

    2. Sharing your team link

  6. To invite additional people to your team at any time tap on Manage Team.

Note: Only 1 Pro team (up to 3 members) is included in your Photoroom Pro subscription. If you have an existing team that is less than 3 members it will be set as Pro automatically, no need to create another team.

Invite more than 3 members to your mobile team

If your team exceeds 3 members you will be asked to follow instructions of to add more seats to your team.

  1. On Manage Team, tap Invite People

  2. Select Get more seats

  3. Read the instructions and tap Send email

  4. Open the email on your laptop or desktop device (it will not work on your phone)

  5. Tap the link in the email

  6. Log in to Photoroom

  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to Switch to Web Billing

  8. Once successful, cancel your existing mobile subscription

Note: When you have enabled Web billing, you will be automatically charged for each additional member who joins your team (after the first 3 people).

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