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Reuse a prompt for AI Images
Reuse a prompt for AI Images

Learn how to reuse an existing prompt and make changes to it to generate new AI Images

Written by Craig Wright
Updated over a week ago

With the Reuse prompt feature, you can choose an AI image that you like and use its prompt as a starting point for a new prompt. This can save you time and make it easier to customize prompts for new images.

Note: The Reuse prompt feature is only available when you are generating new AI images (Pro and Business plan only). You cannot use Reuse prompt with saved designs that use AI images.

To learn how to Reuse prompts, select the link for your device:

AI Images is currently iOS-only. It is coming soon to Android and the Web App.

On iPhone and iPad

To reuse a prompt on iPhone or iPad:

(Video shows Photoroom on iPhone)

  1. First, use the AI Images feature to generate some images using a prompt.

    On the Create page, select AI Images, choose the image dimensions and style, and then enter a prompt such as "a blue and yellow ski boot in snow". Press the purple and white arrow icon to generate 2 images. Long press on an AI-generated image and then select Generate more to create more images based on the same prompt.

    For more details, see Create an AI image.

  2. Long-press on an AI image that has a prompt that you want to reuse.

  3. Select Reuse prompt. Photoroom copies the prompt from the existing image into the prompt field.

  4. Edit the prompt to suit your new requirements. Select the purple and white arrow icon to generate images using the new prompt.

  5. Select an AI image to display it at a larger size. In this view, you can swipe left and right to see the other AI images.

  6. When you see the image you want to use, select Edit. Photoroom automatically removes the background, just like it would if you imported a photo.

  7. Choose a template for the image. To keep the background that the AI generated, select the Original image template.

  8. You can now edit the image in the same way as any other image. For example, you can Insert other images as new layers or add text to the image.

    For information about the editing features, see the Basic editing articles.

  9. When you have finished editing your design, select Export. Use the export options to save your design and share it with others.

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