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Replace part of an image with AI Fill (Beta)
Replace part of an image with AI Fill (Beta)

How to use AI Fill to replace part of an image with an AI-generated image

Written by Craig Wright
Updated over a week ago

With AI Fill, you can use Photoroom's AI to customize a specific area of any design. Just mark the area you want to change, enter your prompt, and the AI will change the area for you. It's never been easier to control and fine-tune your images!

AI Fill beta availability

At the moment, AI Fill is in beta and is released to a small percentage of Photoroom users on iPhone and iPad (version 5.9.8 and later). We plan to do a full launch to all iPhone and iPad users in the following weeks.

AI Fill will come later on Android and on the web app.

How to use AI Fill

To use AI Fill:

(Video shows Photoroom on iPhone)

  1. On the Create page, select Your Content and then select a design to work on.
    Alternatively, select Start from photo, import a new image and save it as a design. Then use that design to work on.

  2. Select a foreground object to display its layer settings.

  3. Select Retouch.

  4. Use the slider to set the size of the selection area.

  5. Select Fill.

  6. Draw over the area that you want the AI to change. You need to fill the area that you want to change. For example, if you want to add sunglasses to a person, draw a filled area over their eyes. If you draw an outline, the AI will only fill the outline, not the space inside it.

  7. Enter a prompt to describe what you want the AI to add to the selected area. AI Fill produces better results with longer, more descriptive prompts.

    The AI will generate 3 images. Choose one of the images or select + to get the AI to generate more.

    To change your prompt, select the pencil icon or the prompt text. Enter a new prompt and select the arrow button to confirm.

  8. Select the AI Fill image that you want to use and then select Apply.

  9. Select Done.

  10. [Optional] Use the editor to make further changes to your design.

  11. Select Export. Use the export options to save and share your design.

  12. Select Done.

The AI Fill feature is a work in progress. We will continue to make improvements and may reach out to you for feedback.

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