On iPhone and iPad

There are 2 options to add your logo to your photos.

1- The first option offers you to automatically add your logo to each editing photo.

As a Pro user, you can tap on

  • "My Content" tab

  • Go to "Preferences"

  • In "My brand" section, select "Add new logo"

  • Choose your logo in your images

  • Tap on "Add to my logos"

  • Make sure your new logo is well selected and it will appear automatically on your next edited images

2- The second option offers you to add your logo to your photo as an image.

Once you're editing your picture, simply tap

  • "+" to insert an object

  • choose "image"

  • select your logo in your library

  • position your logo as you want

On Android

The first option is not available yet on Android. It will be soon.

Alternatively, you still can use the second option.

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