Great photography makes the subject stand out. One ways of doing this is by keeping your subject in color, and changing your background to black & white.

Thanks to the PhotoRoom cut out feature, this is simple to do. Here's how:

  • Tap the + button to "start with a photo"

  • Select a photo

  • Tap on a template from the "Photo Classics Edition" collection

  • Tap on "Background"

  • Scroll down in the edit menu

  • Tap on "Filter"

  • Select the black and white filter for your background

  • Export the photo

You can fine tune this effect by doing the following in the background:

  • Tap Background then filters and select another black & white filter

  • Tap Background and adjust to decrease the background contrast

You can also fine tune this effect by doing the following on the subject:

  • Tap object/person then adjust, to increase the saturation and contrast

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