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I have an issue with the login link
I have an issue with the login link
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It happens that the login link you receive to create an account, one way to solve this issue is the following.

Open the sign-in email you received :

  • Via the classic Mail app,

  • Or through Gmail via the Safari Browser.

When using Mail or Gmail via Safari, after you long press on the sign-in link, you should be prompt with the following screen:

Dialog asks to open link in app? There is an Open button. There is a menu and the Open in Photoroom option is highlighted.

Unlike last time, you should see the "open in Photoroom" option. If you tap on it, you should be redirected to the app.

If the link is too old, then you might be prompted with an error message in Photoroom app. Don't worry, in that case, just resend a link to your email address and you should be fine.

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