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Log in to the Photoroom Web App
Log in to the Photoroom Web App

Learn how to access and log in to the PhotoRoom Web App, designed for desktop computers.

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  1. Make sure to be on the latest version of the Photoroom application. This is usually an automated process, but you can manually upgrade following this Apple help page or this Google help page.

  2. Use your favorite web browser. We're compatible with all the latest web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

  3. Open the page

    You'll be greeted with a login screen.

    👆 Try any of the login methods. The easiest is to use your Photoroom email address and log in via email.

    To find your Photoroom email address: open the Photoroom mobile application, go to "👤 Your Content," click on "Account".

  4. Fill the email address input on your web browser with the one you found in the mobile app (or click any of the other log in options that match)

  5. You should receive an email almost immediately with a link in it

  6. Click the link in the email you received

  7. Now you can view and download your Photoroom content on the web.

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