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Magic link has not arrived

What to do if the Photoroom magic link does not arrive in your inbox

Written by Craig Wright
Updated this week

If you are trying to log in to Photoroom and the magic link has not arrived in your inbox:

  1. Check in your Spam or Junk folder.

  2. Wait a few minutes. Sometimes there can be a delay.

  3. Try sending an email to the same address you used to sign up to Photoroom. If that email does not arrive either, it suggests a problem with your email service.

  4. Check to see if you have any filtering rules set up on your inbox that could stop photoroom emails from appearing.

  5. Check to see that your inbox is not full. You may have reached the inbox limit and need to delete some of your emails.

  6. If you signed up for a free Photoroom plan, try signing up again with a different email address. Using a different email service, such as GMail, Yahoo, or ProtonMail can sometimes solve the issue.

If you the above steps do not solve the problem, please contact Photoroom.

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