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How To Improve Your eBay Listings
How To Improve Your eBay Listings

High quality item photos will make your listing more attractive. Here are some of our tips to help you become a pro seller!

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Natural Lighting

If possible, take your product photos during the day. Natural lighting will make your product stand out, and will give your images a professional edge.

White Background

eBay guidelines require a white background from your images.
To make your product standout, tap on your image, and add a shadow to it.

eBay Templates

When in doubt, you can find templates made specifically for eBay under the Marketplace tab in the Photoroom app.

Batch Edit

If you have ten, dozens or hundreds of images to upload at once, make sure all your photos have the same look with our Batch mode feature. Upload and edit up to 1000 images at once.

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