Delete a Team

Learn how to use the PhotoRoom Web App to delete a Team.

Written by Craig Wright
Updated over a week ago

If you have a Team that is no longer needed, you can delete it from Photoroom.

Note: You can only delete a Team if:

  • You subscribed to Photoroom from the Web App

  • You use the Web App.

You cannot access the Delete Team feature if you subscribed to Photoroom from the Apple store or Google Play store.

To delete a Team:

(Video shows Photoroom Web App)

  1. Log in to the Photoroom Web App.

    You need to be the Team Admin (creator of the Team).

  2. Select Manage Team.

  3. In the sidebar, select the Team that you want to delete and then select Team Details.

  4. Select Delete Team.

  5. Select Delete Team on the confirmation box.

Photoroom deletes the Team. The members of the Team will now only have access to their other Teams and their Personal Space.

Note: If you delete an entire Team, we will automatically cancel the seat subscriptions for the Team members. To learn how this affects billing, see What is the billing process if I delete a Team member?

If you delete all of your Teams, we will cancel all seat subscriptions. But the Teams admin will still have a Pro subscription (unless they cancel it manually).

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