Leave a Team

Learn how to leave a Team so that you are no longer a Team member.

Written by Craig Wright
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If you are a member of a Photoroom Team, you can choose to leave that Team at any time. When you leave a Team, you give up your "seat" in that Team. We will credit the main Team account for any days that remain on your subscription (see What is the billing process if I delete a Team member?).

To learn how to leave a Team, select the link for your device:

On iPhone, iPad, and Android

The process for leaving a Team is similar on iOS and Android devices:

(Video shows Photoroom on iPhone)

  1. On the Create page, select Your Content.

  2. Select your Personal Space or Team at the top and then choose the Team you want to leave from the list.

  3. Select Manage Team.

  4. Select Leave Team.

  5. Select Leave Team to confirm that you want to leave.

Photoroom removes you from the Team.

On Web App

To leave a Team on the Web App:

(Video shows Photoroom on Web App)

  1. Select Manage team.

  2. Select Team members.

  3. Find your user name in the list of Team members.

  4. Select Leave.

    Photoroom removes you from the Team.

  5. Close the Team dialog.

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