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Learn how to replace a background with a photo, color, image

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PhotoRoom's background features make it easy to change the backgrounds of your designs. You can quickly swap a background for a color, another image, or photo.

Note: On the Pro and Business plans, you can also replace a background with an AI-generated Instant Background (see Replace a background with an Instant Background).

To learn how to replace a background, select the link for your device:

On iPhone, iPad, and Android

To replace a background with a regular background that is not generated by AI:

(Video shows PhotoRoom on iPhone)

  1. On the Create page, select Your Content and then select the design you want to edit.

  2. Select the background in the image.

    Alternatively, select the Background settings for the background layer.

  3. Select Replace.

  4. Select the replacement background. Choose:

    1. Photo or Gallery to replace the background with a photo

    2. Color

    3. A predesigned background from the PhotoRoom Collections

    4. A background image from your Favorites

    5. To take a new photo with your Camera*

    6. An image from your Files*.

  5. Select the background you want to use.

  6. Select the share icon. From here, you can save or share your design. PhotoRoom also auto-saves it to Your Designs.

  7. Select Done.

*select More to access this option on iPhone and iPad.

On Web App

To replace a background with a regular background that is not generated by AI:

(Video shows PhotoRoom Web App)

  1. Select Designs.

  2. Select the design that you want to edit.

  3. Select the background of the image.

  4. If you want to replace the background with a color, select the color and ignore steps 5 and 6.

  5. Select Replace.

  6. Either:

    1. Drag-and-drop an image file into the box.

    2. Search for a background image.

    3. Choose a background from the PhotoRoom collection.

  7. Select Download to save your changes and download a local copy.

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