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Cancel a share design link

How to cancel access to a design from a shared link.

Written by Craig Wright
Updated this week

If you share a design with other people, anyone with the appropriate link can view and edit your design. To make the design private again, you need to cancel the share link (see the steps below).

Only these users have permission to make a design private:

  • The creator of the design

  • A member of the team workspace that contains the design.

Note: Canceling access from shared links is currently only supported on the Web App version of Photoroom.

On Web App

To cancel a share design link on the Web App (desktop) version of Photoroom:

  1. Log in to Photoroom at

  2. On the Create page, select Designs and then select the design you want to share.

    If you cannot see the design, make sure that you are in the correct workspace. You can choose the workspace at the top of the sidebar.

  3. Select Share.

  4. Select Only you can edit.

    Note: If the design is in a team workspace, select Anyone in the team can edit. In team workspaces, you cannot make a design private to one member. It can only be private to the team.

  5. Select either:

    • Keep sharing to continue to allow access from the existing links. The design will continue to use the Anyone with the link can edit permission.

    • Revoke access to make the design private again. Only people with access to the workspace in Photoroom will be able to access the design. Any previous shared links to the design will no longer work.

If you chose Revoke access, all previous shared links to the design will no longer work. Anyone who tries to use the old links will get a This file is private message.

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