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How to use the same PhotoRoom account with multiple devices/platforms?
How to use the same PhotoRoom account with multiple devices/platforms?
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Please follow these instructions if you want to share PhotoRoom Pro with teammates.

Use your Pro subscription on several devices or platforms

If you’re Pro on “Device 1" and you want to use your Pro subscription on “Device 2”, follow those steps:

  1. Open "Device 1" and click on the Pro button to make sure you appear as Pro

  2. In the “Your Content” tab, make sure you’re signed in with an account (Facebook, Apple, Google, or email). If you’re already signed in, you can see the account by clicking on the “Account” button. If you use the web version, tap on the upper right button to check on your account details.

  3. Open "Device 2", and sign in with the exact same account using the exact same login way.


  • All Pro memberships (bought on the web or mobile) are usable on multiple platforms

  • Subscription sharing works with up to 3 devices with the same email address. After 3 devices, some devices might lose access to the Pro features. If you want to use PhotoRoom on more devices, please check our Team plan

Using the same account on both devices

Important: You need to use the same email address/account on both platforms.

  • Finding your account on the Web: Click on the button at the top right, and your email address should appear.

  • Finding your account on iOS or Android: To find your PhotoRoom email address: Open the PhotoRoom mobile application, go to "👤 Your Content," and select "Account". Your email/account will appear

Example video using Facebook to connect

You can also connect your devices through Facebook, here's an example:

If you changed your mobile and want to use your Pro subscription on a new device, tap here:

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