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How to Start Selling on Instagram
How to Start Selling on Instagram

Instagram is a must-have tool to establish and increase your store's social media presence!

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Instagram allows you to post photos from a wide range of sizes. Square was always the preferred format for Instagram, but vertical formatting has become increasingly popular. The more space an image takes on the screen, the better. Regardless of the format of your images, our resize tool can adjust your photo accordingly.

Unique Backgrounds

Instagram is a visual platform. Using unique backgrounds is the easiest way to capture a viewer’s attention. We have a huge selection of templates to make your items stand out: from the latest sneakers, to the rarest baseball cards.

Custom Branding

One of the best ways to differentiate your products is through a Custom Brand Kit. This will automatically add your logo to every photo, allow you to save your favorite custom backgrounds, and your favorite fonts.

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