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How to create a Photoroom template
How to create a Photoroom template
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Here is a video demoing how to create a Photoroom template:

  • Open a designs and select a design that you want to start from

  • Select “...” in the top right corner, and then “turn into template” in the drop down menu

  • Select a name for your template and confirm. You will be redirected to your templates page

  • On the templates page, go over the newly created template and the “...”. Then “edit template”

  • You will be in an editing screen that’s very similar to edit design. You can pick the layer which is going to be the one in which the meal is positioned and enable “replaceable”. You can also make any editing change needed to this template.

  • Now, your template is ready. It will appear as an option in the “Create” flow, template section on the left of the editing template and in the batch processing (following section).

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