Learn the basics about backgrounds for PhotoRoom designs

Written by Craig Wright
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When you import an image into PhotoRoom, the app removes the background automatically. You can then choose to add a background layer.

PhotoRoom on an iPhone. An image of a ram has been imported. It is labelled with a 1. Below it, there is an Instant Backgrounds button, labelled 2. Below that, a list of templates with previews, labelled 3. The labels are for illustration purposes only.
  1. Your imported image.

  2. Use to create an AI-generated Instant Background (Pro plan only).
    To learn more, see Instant Backgrounds.

  3. Choose a template from our collection or one of your own custom templates.

A template sets the size of the canvas for your image and may also include some objects, such as graphics or text. We have lots of templates to choose from, including templates for marketplace sites like Ebay, social media, special events, and colors. You can choose to keep the original background from your photo too.

If you choose a template, PhotoRoom applies that template to your image. Your design will then have a minimum of two layers:

  • Background layer

  • Object layer (for the subject of your design).

Some templates have additional layers for other parts of the template, such as graphics and text.

A design being edited in PhotoRoom on iPhone. The design is shown at the top. Below it, the Layers section is shown. It has a list of each Layer in the design.

Each layer has its own settings that you can use to change the appearance of that layer. For example, you could blur a background layer or change its color.

A design being edited in PhotoRoom. A preview of the design is shown in the top section. In the bottom section, the background layer is selected, revealing the settings for customizing the background.

To learn more about viewing and editing layers, see Layers.

For instructions on how to edit your backgrounds, see:

Tip: On the Pro plan, you can resize your image. This gives you more control over the canvas of your designs. You can choose different sizes and proportions to those set by a template.

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