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Can't access design "This file is private"

Find out what to do if you see the "This file is private" message.

Written by Craig Wright
Updated this week

Photoroom users can share their designs by sending a link. If you receive a link and select it, you may get a "This file is private" message.

This file is private message. It is shown when you cannot access a design from a link as the design has been made private.

If you see the "This file is private" message, it means you can no longer access the design from the link. This is because someone has made the design private again.

To get access to the design, contact the owner of the design and ask them to set the Share permission to Anyone with the link can edit. They can then send you a new link.

Typically, the owner of the design is the person that sent you the design link.

For instructions on changing the share permission, see Cancel a share design link.

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