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How to get started with Photoroom templates?
How to get started with Photoroom templates?

An introduction to working with PhotoRoom Templates

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Photoroom has a range of templates to help you quickly create studio-quality images for products, portraits, social media and more.

Each template is professionally designed and contains replaceable objects. You can swap out the objects for your own image (or selected parts of an image).

(Video shows Photoroom on Android).

  1. Go to the Create page.

  2. Select a template from any of the available categories.

  3. Select Replace on an object in the template.

  4. Import an image from your photo gallery or take a photo.

  5. Use the edit options to apply different effects, choose colors, etc.

When you have finished, select the back button. Photoroom will save the image automatically. You can find it in Your Content.

The steps are the same for Photoroom on iPhones, iPad, Android devices, and the Web App.

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