Learn about PhotoRoom templates and how you can use them to save time when creating your designs.

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Templates are a great way to save time when you need to apply a new design to many images. In the following sections, we explain the basic concepts and provide links to articles with detailed instructions.

What is a Photoroom template?

Photoroom templates are pre-made designs that set:

  • The canvas size of your image

  • Images, graphics and text that can be added to your design automatically.

You can think of them as a starting point for your own designs. When you apply a template, your design inherits the content from the template. You can then change the content on your design as required. Any changes you make only affect your design.

What are the benefits of using a template?

The main benefits of using templates are:

  • They help you to make your designs more consistent

  • They save you time when you need to use the same, or similar, objects and colors on many images.

With the templates feature, you can eliminate the need for making the same repetitive, time-consuming edits. For example, if you have 10 product images and they all need to have a 20% off sales banner, you can make the banner once in a template. You can then import your images, apply the template and your work is done. If you have the Batch Mode feature, you can even apply the template to all 10 images at once.

How to use templates

When you import an image into Photoroom, the app removes the background of your image. (If you want to restore or remove parts of the image, use the Cutout feature.) You can then choose to apply a template or use an AI Background.

Note: AI Backgrounds are only available on the Pro plan (see How to use AI Backgrounds).

For templates, you can choose:

  • A custom template that you made previously.

  • A template from the Photoroom collection.

    We have lots of templates to choose from, including templates for marketplace sites like Ebay, social media, special events, and colors. There is also an Original template, which restores the background from the image you imported.

When you choose a template, Photoroom adds the various parts of the template to your design. Your design will then have a minimum of two layers:

  • Background layer

  • Object layer (for the subject of your design).

Some templates have additional layers for other parts of the template, such as graphics and text.

A design being edited in Photoroom on iPhone. The design is shown at the top. Below it, the Layers section is shown. It has a list of each Layer in the design.

Each layer has its own settings that you can use to change the appearance of that layer. If you make changes to the layers, the changes only affect your design. They do not affect the template from which they originate.

To learn how to select a template when you import an image, see Apply a template.

For instructions on creating your own template, see Create a Photoroom template.

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