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Add a favorite logo to all new designs (iOS)
Add a favorite logo to all new designs (iOS)
Written by Craig Wright
Updated over a week ago

To save time, you can set up a Default Logo and Photoroom will add it to every new design automatically. This feature is only available on the Pro plan for iPhone and iPad.

Tip: On Android, you can add a logo image as a favorite image and then apply it to all images in a batch (Pro plan only). For details, see Add a favorite asset to a batch of images.

To add a logo to new images automatically:

(Video shows Photoroom on iPhone).

  1. Select Your Content and choose a design.

  2. Select Insert and choose a logo image.

  3. Resize the logo graphic and move it to your preferred position on the design. When Photoroom adds the logo automatically, it will use the same position that you set here.

    A Photoroom design being edited. It is a product photo of a mug and a logo has been added to the bottom corner of the image.

    Logo added to design (iPhone)

  4. Select the logo object.

  5. Select the star next to the logo object to add it to your favorites.

    A Graphics object is being edited in Photoroom. Next to the name of the Graphics settings, there is a star. It is selected (filled color, purple) to show that the graphic has been added to the favorites.

    Logo graphic added to favorites (iPhone)

  6. Select back.

  7. Select Your Content and then select Favorite Assets & Brand Kit.

  8. Select Default Logo and choose your logo image.

  9. Turn Add Automatically off and then back on.

    The Favorite Assets page. It has a section for Logo settings. The Default Logo is set to a logo image. The Add Automatically option is on.
  10. Select the back icon to finish.

From now on, when you create a new design, Photoroom will automatically add the logo to it.

Tip: If you change your mind, go back into your Favorite Assets & Brand Kit and turn Add Automatically off. Photoroom will stop adding the logo to your designs.

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