Basic Team and Pro Team plans

What is the difference between a Basic Team and a Pro Team?

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Any Photoroom user can create a team. But the type of team you create varies, depending on whether you are using a free account or a Pro account.

  • Free users can only create basic teams.

  • Pro users can only create one pro team and then any further teams will be basic teams. But you can use the Web App to upgrade basic teams to pro if needed (see Upgrade a team to pro).

Basic Team

Basic teams are free. Each basic team allows you and other members of your team to use the free features in the team's workspace.

When you create a basic team, you can invite other members to join. If you want them to have access to the pro features, you will need to upgrade the team plan to Pro (see for the latest pricing offers).

You can create a basic team from any version of Photoroom (iPhone, iPad, Android, Web App).


Team members

Upgrade to Pro


Free plan.

Can only access free features in the team workspace.

Upgrade has to be made from the Web App version of Photoroom

Pro Team

If you have a Pro subscription, you can create one Pro team with 2 additional pro members for no extra charge. These team members can then use the basic and pro features when working in the team workspace.

To add more Pro members, you will need to pay for each additional Pro seat in the team. If you set up your Pro membership on iPhone, iPad, or Android, you will also need to switch to web billing.

If you add more teams, those teams will be basic teams. If you want them to be Pro teams, you will need to use the Web App to upgrade them.


Team members

Additional Pro members

2 additional users included in your Pro plan.

Additional cost per extra seat in team.


Once the limit of 3 is reached, you will be billed for each additional team member.

If your Pro membership was made on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device you will need to switch to web billing.

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