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Introduction to Photoroom Teams
Introduction to Photoroom Teams

An overview of the Photoroom Team feature, designed for collaborating with other users

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With Photoroom Teams, you can work with teammates in a shared workspace, creating stylish and consistent designs for your business. Designed for collaboration, the Teams feature allows all team members to:

  • Collaborate on designs in a shared workspace

  • Add comments and useful feedback

  • Make reusable assets available to everyone in the team

  • Create consistent, on-brand designs for your product listings and marketing.

Note: It's also possible to share designs with people who are not members of a team or who aren't even Photoroom users! For details, see Share a design.

Team workspaces for collaboration

Each team has its own workspace where teammates can create, edit, and share content. For example, if you create a design in a "Product" team workspace, every member of the "Product" team can view and edit the design, and also leave feedback as comments.

You can also create templates to store commonly used design elements in a team workspace. This is a great way to create consistent, on-brand designs, as team members can use the templates as the basis for new designs.


All team members have access to the designs and templates in their team's workspace. But each member also has their own personal workspace. The designs they work on in their personal workspace remain private and are not shared with the team.

Side-by-side screenshots from Android phone. The left one shows the workspace selection option on the Your Content page. The right image shows the switch spaces menu for choosing a different workspace.

Get started with Photoroom Teams

To learn how to set up Teams in Photoroom, see:

How to share content with teammates

To learn how to share your content with your teammates, see:

To share designs with people who are not teammates, see Share a design.

Teams feature requests

If you have feature requests for your team, please email [email protected].

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